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Bitcoin Cannot Be Caught Up By Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin не способна догнать ни одна из криптовалют

Enthusiasts: Bitcoin Cannot Be Caught Up By Other Cryptocurrencies From time to time, social network users discuss the advantages of some cryptocurrencies over others, but bitcoin remains the best in most cases. If we pay attention only to…

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Cryptocurrency market will grow to $20 trillion

Криптовалютный рынок вырастет до $20 трлн

Mike Novogratz said that the cryptocurrency market will grow to $20 trillion at the Bloomberg Invest Summit. Skeptics asked how the billionaire investor refers to the criticism of rapid growth of the crypto-currency market and the events of…

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One third of the bitcoins belong to 1,600 wallets

Треть биткоинов принадлежит 1 600 кошелькам

Bitcoin-whales control market share at $ 37.5 billion According to Chainalysis, a well-known company on the analysis of crypto currency, more than a third of all bitcoin coins are located in only 1’600 wallets. This, of course, was…

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Bitcoin can strengthen to 9500 dollars

Bitcoin может укрепиться до 9500 долларов

Bitcoin can strengthen to 9500 dollars, despite the decline in the last 24 hours, analysts CG FOREX CLUB. The growth of the Crypto-currency may provide the intention of the investment bank Golden Sax to start trading futures for…

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Bitcoin fell due to Mt.Gox

Курс Биткоин упал из-за Mt.Gox

The trustee of the bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi, allegedly transferred 8,200 BTC from its address. On May 10, the Mt.Gox wallets balance decreased by the amount of 8,214.97084 BTC ($70.6 million at the current rate). Transactions…

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