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$700,000 in Bitcoin was confiscated from hacker by Britain

В Британии у хакера конфисковали $700 тыс. в биткоинах
The British court will sentence the 26-year-old Grant West on May 25, from whom Scotland Yard confiscated $700,000 in Bitcoin.

These funds were received as a result of cybercrime in 2015. During the arrest on the train, the hacker did not manage to close the connection to his crypto-currency accounts on the laptop. Therefore, the police were able to gain access to his bitcoins, reports USA Today.

The cybercriminal with the help of phishing got access to the personal data of citizens. He sold this information in the darknet, converting profits to Bitcoin.

Grand West was engaged in hacking activity under the alias «Courvoisier». He was arrested in the summer of 2017 and pleaded guilty to hacking the companies’ websites for the delivery of food Just Eat and the theft of personal data of 165,000 customers of this service. The police released West on bail. Being under investigation, he hacked the sites of another 17 companies, including Sainsbury, Nectar, Groupon, Uber, T-Mobile. This was done during August and September 2017. According to the investigation from the cyberattacks, a total of more than 100 organizations were affected.

Using phishing, the attacker tried to get names, e-mail addresses, passwords and CVV-numbers of bank cards of clients of the companies. Then he sold this information in a darknet and converted the income into Bitcoin, distributing them for various cryptocurrency accounts.

West’s friend Rachel Brooks was previously sentenced to two years of community service. The London police recognized her as an accomplice in the crimes.

Based on: ChainNews

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