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Bitcoin Cannot Be Caught Up By Other Cryptocurrencies


Enthusiasts: Bitcoin Cannot Be Caught Up By Other Cryptocurrencies

From time to time, social network users discuss the advantages of some cryptocurrencies over others, but bitcoin remains the best in most cases.

If we pay attention only to the price of bitcoin, it is impossible to evaluate all its advantages, and that is the main idea of the first cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

First of all, bitcoin is characterized by its stability. The bitcoin network remains open to everyone, unchanged, safe, and it has never been hacked within nine years after the creation. It still requires 8-10 minutes to find the block and uses the SHA256 hash algorithm. One of the main advantages is decentralization.

Users point out another bitcoin’s advantages, such as the impossibility to be forged, no one can withdraw BTC, it is easy to mine or transfer the first cryptocurrency worldwide.

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