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Bitcoin fell due to Mt.Gox

Курс Биткоин упал из-за Mt.Gox

The trustee of the bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi, allegedly transferred 8,200 BTC from its address.

On May 10, the Mt.Gox wallets balance decreased by the amount of 8,214.97084 BTC ($70.6 million at the current rate). Transactions entered the bitcoin address: 1LncfoCX1yzuiW3hzejarvgZ1WahnAQ4o4.

As Nobuaki said, such actions are connected with compensation for damage to users who lost their funds in the collapse of the Mt.Gox.

Many users of social networks once again expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the trustee Mt.Gox. In their opinion, these actions have a significant pressure on the Bitcoin’s exchange rate.

At the end of April, the trustee of Mt.Gox sold 16,000 BTC (then it was ~$141 million), but this situation was ignored by many.

If Nobuaki Kobayashi decide to sell the withdrawn bitcoins, the equivalent of $ 76 million is almost 10% of the daily trading volume. This movement can be clearly seen on the graph for May 10, 2018. The Bitcoin course in just one day fell from $9,300 to $8,700, with a subsequent decline to $8,300.

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