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In Germany, established the first legal ATM


According to the German media, the first legal Bitcoin ATM was installed in Germany. Although already arguing about how long it will stand.

ATM put in one of the gambling institutions of Munich. The owner of the casino MONTE24 brought the device from Austria. Recall, the court decision allowed to conduct cryptocurrency trading without a license. Until recently, be sure to get permission in BaFin.

The future of cryptomatology is questionable
The court decision says nothing about how long it can be used by commercial ATM structures. Most likely, the cryptographer will work until the court reverses its decision.

It must be said that in Germany the process of accepting digital currencies is going quite slowly. This disappoints local crypto enthusiasts, as neighboring countries are more progressive in this matter (for example, Switzerland, Austria).

In Germany, attempts have already been made to establish a cryptographer, but due to bureaucratic barriers all of them were unsuccessful.

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